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What makes me confident - 002

What makes me confident - 002

This series is about how people find confidence. Confidence is a super power. It's the difference between inspiration and action. Hopefully this blog inspires a bit more of your own confidence. 

Today's interviewee: Samyu Krishna Vora. I first met Samyu over the phone. She was interviewing for a career transition into branding, and my friend asked if I would give her advice. While Samyu had not worked in branding, she displayed ambition, curiosity, and drive. We discussed strategy and preparation, and she ended up getting the job. At the root of this success: confidence that she could take a step into a new career that interested her.

Today - I asked her how she gets into that confident mindset. 

What makes you feel confident?

For me? Heels, mascara, and lipgloss. Mascara and lipgloss are two pieces of makeup that accentuate your features.

When you’re in a rut, a bit of makeup makes you feel good about yourself... And when you feel good about yourself you’re more confident.

Confidence starts by feeling good internally. If you don’t feel strong about who you are, how can you show that to the outside world?

- Samyu